Friday, 14 June 2013

Handwriting Display!

To encourage the children to improve their handwriting we hand out pen licences to those who have neat, fluent and joined up handwriting. Here is a photo of my latest handwriting display for those who have received their pen licence recently.

In the background, directly onto the window, I painted lines of the alphabet using joined up writing. This set as a nice background to display their certificates. 

Around the certificates I have included top tips for getting neat handwriting as well as reasons why it is important! The children loved seeing their photograph on display and are very proud of their latest achievement.

Charlotte's Web Enquiry Display

This half term we are studying the novel Charlotte's Web by E.B.White. On display are key extracts and images from the novel showing different parts of the plot. I have included photos of different farm animals found in the book as well as painting my own spiders web! In art the children have created their own spiders web by using straws to blow white paint into a web shape onto black sugar paper. I think this looks particularly effective! 

Along with studying the novel the children are learning all about farming. Here is a photograph of the farming display which includes key information, photographs and key vocabulary. 

For both of these displays I created my own lettering using word art and inserting my own image!