Friday, 11 October 2013


I wanted to create a WOW factor VCOP display to introduce it to the children at the beginning of the year. This is the biggest display I have ever made and the most ambitious I feel! Took me hours to measure out the backing paper and split the board into 4 triangles! 

I have chosen an 'outdoors' theme to my VCOP display! A nice addition to any classroom. Each triangle is dedicated to each part of VCOP and the children love to take a wonder to the VCOP board and find new vocabulary or punctuation to use in their writing! 

Saturday, 5 October 2013


My homemade noiseometer! Move the peg along the traffic lights to signify the level of noise in the classroom. The children love this and like to move the peg themselves or even suggest a suitable level of noise for different lessons and activities! 

Writing Reminders!

Stuck to the side of my whiteboard I have writing reminders! These are to help the children self check their work when they are finished. My general WILF for any long piece of writing! The children know what the symbols mean and I use these in my marking! 

A . - capital letters and full stops
WOW - adjectives
and - connectives
ly - adverbs
abc - joined up neat handwriting
thinking face - does my sentence make sense?

PSHE - All About Me Display

One of the first pieces of work I got the children to complete was a piece of writing all about them. What was their favourite colour, favourite food, where do they live, facts about their family and what they liked to do out of school! These are displayed in my classroom above my desk! 

Art - Self Portraits

As part of our PSHE theme week (All About Me) the children created a self portrait using ready mixed paint. The children we're encouraged to mix their own colours to match their skin tone and hair colour. Here is the end result! 

Hanging from the ceiling the children decorated a photograph of themselves with strips of tissue paper. I then laminated them and cut them into squares. I have hung them vertically by punching holes into them and linking them using treasury tags! The children love to see a photograph of themselves in the classroom! 

Rewards and Consequences Display!

At the beginning of the year every teacher goes through the behaviour expectations with the children and reminds them of the behaviour policy. Working in a city school I was keen to make the behaviour expectations clear and display them in an exciting and interesting way in the classroom. Using the classic imagery of a rainbow and rain cloud I have put the rewards and consequences children would find as a result of their behaviour onto these. This display is above my interactive whiteboard so pride of place in the classroom! I refer back to it all the time! 

Spanish Display - Animal Theme

As part of the Animals enquiry topic the children are learning how to say and describe animals in Spanish! Here is the accommpanying display.

Animals Enquiry Display

The first enquiry topic this year is animals and how they are different. The children have produced some descriptive writing based on a painting by Rousseau 'Tiger in a tropical storm'. 

On the main enquiry board you will find key words, photographs, KWLH grid and explanations of key topic vocabulary!